Thursday, January 5, 2006

I will not have eight children

We met our new neighbors across the street and next door a few days ago. We were wondering what on earth was going on at the next door neighbor's house, because there are giant wooden planters covering the front and back yard and the sides of his house are lined with huge storage boxes. Every day I see him out there at the crack of dawn working in the yard and he stays out there all day long with one of those giant gallon jugs of coffee. I thought he was growing some kind of vegetables. Turns out he is growing rosebushes. There are at least 40 rosebushes over there and none of them are planted in the ground because he says the soil is no good for them. So they are each in a giant planter sitting on the lawn. Seems like an interesting guy. Or a weirdo.
Our neighbors across the street have a small house teeming with children. Every time their front door opens all these children come pouring out, spilling into the neighborhood like little blonde soldiers attempting to take control of the area. We discovered they are from Germany. The husband is an American soldier and married this German woman and they had lived in Germany together for a few years. They have 8 children and another on the way!! Their house is obviously the neighborhood hang out for all the kids and it makes me weary just to watch. Doors flying open...scream...bang...fence gate pops rushes out...scream...laugh...running...capture dog...scream...door slams shut...etc. Hopefully they're not as loony as I would assume one has to be to give birth to EIGHT CHILDREN!!!!!

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