Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things you will be forced to say when you are a parent:

"Don't eat that!"

"Leave your diaper on!"

"Don't touch the cat there."

"Get out of the toilet!"

"Where are your clothes?"

"Get your fingers out of there."

"Don't lick that!"

"Why is there poop on your hand?"

These are just a few. Try picking two at random and combining them and that works too.


Lou said...

I've told and retold the story about walking in on Dylann in the bathroom with all the lights off: him in a kneel-squat telling me to look at his butt because a poop fell out on the floor. Then immediately under his stretched out butt was a swirl of poop on the ground, just like soft-serve chocolate ice cream from McDonald's. Then there was the time when I heard you in the bathroom with those two saying, "Dylann, how did Jack's poop get on your finger?" Good times.

Jessi Louise said...

LOL - Too many to even remember.