Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Firey Foot

Well, the camping trip was almost a complete disaster. It fell short because we did get to spend about 4 hours on the beach at a lake and that was really nice. Other than that, it was horrible. When we arrived it was pouring and we set up in the rain. It cleared up for a few hours, but at about 11 that evening the sky started falling again and suddenly our tent, which we had strategically positioned in a nice little open area, was surrounded by water with the boys asleep inside. We pulled out the sleeping children along with all of our stuff and drug it out into the rain, relocated the tent and climbed back in to get some sleep. Jack had to go to the bathroom twice in the night and then still wet in his sleeping bag in the morning (the poor child inherited his father's pea-sized bladder). Earlier that evening I also got bit by a fire ant (more on that later) on my left ankle.

The next morning we headed over to the beach by 10 AM and had a really good time, but I got bit by 2 more fire ants on the same foot. When we headed back to the campsite for lunch, we discovered the area was under siege by swarms of gnats. The local people barely blinked an eye as they were smothered in the little black flies. We couldn't stand it. They didn't bite, so it wouldn't have been that bad, but they were trying to wheedle their way into any exposed orifice on our bodies. We hid in the tent and tried to take a nap until the attack was over.

When we emerged from the tent an hour later, the flies were waiting for us and my ankle had swollen up, which was accompanied by shooting pains in my leg. We still tried to stick it out, for the sake of the boys, because they thought this was all just one big adventure. As the day wore on, my ankle grew and the flies continued to follow us wherever we went. We wandered over to a nearby playground when I said, "I just want to go home." As soon as those words were uttered, my husband was gone and back within an hour with the van and the contents of our campsite neatly arranged inside. Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...

About an hour after we got home, our cat got outside and disappeared. He had never been outside before, so we were a little concerned that he would get eaten by a giant snake or some other horrifying creature that might creep out of the Georgia forest. Meanwhile, I was so overcome with the pains in my leg and the swelling of my foot and ankle that I was oblivious to everything else that was going on. The world was just me and my giant foot and my poor husband was left to deal with everything else.

About an hour later the cat was found and we headed to the hospital. We sat there until midnight when they told me that I have some kind of infection in the ant bite which was spreading up my leg and it would have to be removed. Well, actually they just gave me some antibiotics, a tetanus shot, and sent me wobbling home.

Every encounter I have had with a fire ant has led me to believe they are indeed messengers from the devil.

Weekends at our house are so relaxing!!

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