Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Former affair with Mr. Clean

I was watching old home movies the other day and I was surprised at how nice everything looked in them. Our house was always immaculate, our backyard was lush and green with flowers blooming in my garden. I remember what those days were like when I only had one child and even when my second one was still just a baby. I was completely obsessed with appearances. I would only dress the boys in clothes that I thought were cute and stylish and most of them were expensive name brands. I would run around the house like Donna Reed on speed and still manage to have time to sit outside and watch Dylann try to hit a ball with his bat for hours at a time.

When Jack was about 6 months old I started making a conscious effort not to be so obsessive with the house. Now I have a hard time imagining life like that. It was continuous cleaning and it was absolutely pointless. Waste of time and energy! I'm a more relaxed person now, but I must say, the house sure looked good back in those days...the house sure looked good.

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