Monday, May 8, 2006

Monday is like a kick in the head

Yesterday basically revolved around the giant foot again, because the swelling hadn't gone down and I had a fever also. I spent most of the day laying around in various locations around the house with my foot elevated and a bag of frozen blueberries resting on it, while I tried to catch up on homework. The boys were running around like wild animals and my husband was in charge of keeping things under control. He did a good job, although he did provide them with an endless supply of marshmallows, which is one of the things I'll be cleaning up today. Both boys wet their beds last night, so I have sheets and blankets to add to the mountain of laundry to do today. First I have to take a trip to the store, which is something I HATE. I dread it every time I have to go. I basically have to throw the kids in the cart and then chuck as many groceries as I can into the cart before they get totally out of control and I always leave the store feeling completely frazzled. One of these days I'm sure I will begin having a nervous eye twitch. Then I have to try to get the house into some state of organization and cleanliness, which will be done by completing one tedious task after the other. Then I have to write a paper for psychology, make dinner, bathe the boys, and work on more stuff for school until it's my favorite time of the day - BEDTIME.

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