Monday, June 26, 2006

Fleeting Thoughts

Lately my short-term memory has been seriously lacking. I like to use the excuse that I am just so packed full of useful information (like random facts about woodland creatures and songs I hear on commercials) that there isn't room for anything else. However, when the information being forgotten is the location of my driver's license or the names of the planets in the solar system or the capital of the state I live in, it can lead to an embarrassing situation.

A few days ago I was talking to my Grandma on the phone. She always knows more about what's going in on Georgia than I do, even from way up in Minnesota. She is a vigilant watcher of CNN and the Weather Channel and is always briefing me on things I should already know. We were talking about something that happened in Savannah and she asks, "What is the capital of Georgia anyway?" I answered, "Ahhh...duh....(eyes cross and I begin drooling)" But my recent airheadedness doesn't end there.

Today I accused a woman at the gate of the college campus I had to go to of keeping my driver's license. I had given it to her earlier in order to gain entrance to this highly guarded location. It was later found on a seat in our truck...where I had been sitting. I have no idea how it got there. I have NO memory of her handing it back to me! Are you scared yet?! It gets worse.

Last night my husband was helping me study the stack of handy (and might I add, dandy) flash cards I made for Astronomy. I was flying through things like Kepler's first law, parallax, precession....bam, bam, bam...I was on fire! Newton's third law of motion, Coriolis effect...bam-ka-wham! Then he decided to throw me for a loop and pulled one out from the verrry bottom of my stack of handy, dandy flashcards, "Name the planets." It was as if he had just asked me to say the phrase "The fleeting frogs found family under fronds" in Mandarin Chinese. I memorized these in Elementary school. I've been studying Astronomy for the past 3 months*! I stumbled through them only after way too much time spent making this face:

And after Donn gave me hints like, "Starts with Sat..SATURRRRR...."

*This brings into question the handy dandiness of my handy dandy flashcards.


Lou said...

I feel ya sistah. And that monkey face says it all.

Lou said...
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