Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The other day my husband's friend stopped by while he was still at work. We were sitting in the living room and I flipped on Dharma and Greg. I think it was the first time that I had sat down all day, because I had been cleaning like crazy. And he says, "So, is this what you do all day?" I wanted to throw the remote control at his head, but I managed to control myself and remain within the bounds of socially acceptable behavior, responding with a laugh and mumbling something or other along the lines of, "HA HA, wouldn't that be nice."

A question for stay-at-home moms:

What do you say when someone asks you, "So what do you do all day??"

Do you respond with (my personal favorite) sarcasm, "Well, I sit around a lot while picking my nose and/or inserting my thumb in my butt and watching the wallpaper peel."

Or the blunt, no-frills version "I change diapers, feed the kids, clean up, change diapers, feed the kids, clean up, change diapers, feed the kids, clean up, change diapers, feed the kids, clean up..."

Or do you throw on the rose-colored glasses for a moment, "Well, it's just nice to be able to spend all my time with my children. They are such wonderful little people. We take long walks, go to the park, pick flowers, and stare at the sky. We enjoy the small moments."

I am always caught off guard when someone asks me this question (which has happened at least 5 times) and I am curious to hear how other people respond.


TaterTot said...

I'll bring your question to my pal Bombadee. She's one of my favorite stay at home moms.

Jenny said...

Tell him the truth - in long form.

President CEO of a Rather Important Estate

"I am the full time President CEO of a rather important estate. I make sure everything here runs smoothly. I oversee accounts payable and receivables and all investments. I manage the building, including bids for any remodeling or repairs and the cleaning and general maintenance of the structure as well as the three vehicles utilized by the group. I run all the essential operations of the kitchen, including the food procurement as well as service, preparations and disposals. I also obtain, maintain and repair of all garments. I handle the health, emotional, social and intellectual development of the children here. I maintain a hectic social calendar for all the officers at the estate. Not to mention countless other ventures including any holiday planning/social events, breakdowns in any or all systems and all emergency contingencies."

I'm a stay at home mom.

Also visit Mom Salary and print yourself a paycheck.

TaterTot said...

See, I told you she'd have a good response for you.

Jessi Louise said...

That is a good one.