Sunday, July 2, 2006

People have an absolute right to just sit there.

Alas, yet another disorder has been found to be adversely affecting people who would otherwise be normal, were it not for this debilitating disorder. It is known as Motivational Deficiency Disorder, or MoDeD. This disorder explains why many people have the tendency to be sluggish and move very little for long periods of time. Some are in fact bedridden by this horrible disorder. In extreme cases, it is fatal because the condition reduces the motivation to breathe. Those suffering from this illness should not be labeled by others in society as "lazy" or "sloth-like." Doctors familiar with this disorder argue that, "People have an absolute right to just sit there."

If you haven't already guessed, this disorder isn't real. It was published in the British Medical Journal on April Fool's to bring attention to the ever-growing number of syndromes and disorders stemming from ordinary conditions that are now being recognized by the medical community so they can be treated with medication. ADD (otherwise known as the active, energetic child who probably needs to spend more time running around) and social anxiety disorder (otherwise known as shyness??) are just a couple off the top of my head. If you feel you have some quirky behaviors that might need treatment, you can even take a quiz online to help you find out, so you can become more "normal." Then you can hand over gobs of all that extra money you have to the pharmaceutical companies in order to treat your odd or annoying behaviors.

Disclaimer: I do understand there are legitimate sufferers of extreme cases of certain real disorders and that is not what I'm talking about in my little rant here.


Trish said...

Darnit, I wanted that to be a real disorder so I could say "I have moded, leave me alone"
I enjoyed visiting your blog, by the way. Great writing and pictures

TaterTot said...

This post makes me want to come up with psuedo-syndromes for all of my friends/family members annoyances.

Jessi Louise said...

That would be fun ;)