Thursday, August 24, 2006

George Bush is flipping us the bird

We will be moving sometime between now and January. Military life. It's like a bad reality show. Life-altering surprises land on your doorstep when you least expect it:

You win an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii where you will live for the next 3 years in paradise!

Anyunghasseo! Pack your bags because you're moving to KOREA, where you can have all the kimchee you can eat for 2 long years!

Time for a little break from family life. You will be sent to a relaxing desert environment for 6-18 months. That's right, you're going to Baghdad! AGAIN!

Yes, Donn will be going back to Iraq sometime within the next 3 months. Just in case we get too settled in, we need these reminders of just how much our lives depend on the whims of the government. One day 4 years from now we will be done with all of this and it can't come soon enough.


Lou said...

I understand, mein freund. We still don't have cable, but Pedro just got a new DVD/VHS player that has opened up possibilites of Wings reruns on tape and bad late eighties movies that I can't help but watch. T.V. is good when you watch good stuff (i.e. the Netflix documentaries I so miss!), but otherwise it really does hypnotize you.

Now I have to grab my willpower by the horns (no, not the other way around) and force myself back into the literary world.

Jessi Louise said...

When we were in Colorado and we didn't have "the dish" I only watched my Netflix movies, never anything else. With the dish there are so many shows on it's hard to ignore.