Saturday, September 23, 2006

the 4 year old and the uncensored radio station

The mother usually managed to follow her son everywhere either with her eyes or her ears, which could hear and discern every noise within a 50 foot radius. When she got into the shower, the boy knew he only had a small amount of time to work with. He moved quickly to the radio and flipped the switch until it was on AM/FM. The mother didn't care if he listened to his very limited number of child-friendly CD's, filled with songs about bananas and letters of the alphabet, but she didn't know that he could work the radio. He was a crafty little bugger, this one. He scanned the stations with nimble little fingers and a discerning ear, waiting for the right one. When he found it, he immediately turned it up and started bustin' moves like nobody's business. The mother perked up her ears. She heard something unfamiliar coming from the boy's room. When she got out of the shower, she heard it was indeed hard core rap blasting from her 4 year old's radio. "What are you listening to?!" asked the incredulous, over-protective mother. "Freestyle," replied the wisened youth.

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Lou said...

that was good. the pic finished it perfectly.