Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The air no longer smells like something is rotting

Isn’t it amazing how the weather can really change your mood? It seems like it always puts me in a good mood when the seasons are changing. Fall is here! When I left this morning it was only 63 outside! I am so ready for summer to be over and it is finally happening. We are just an hour away from Florida down here and it has been a suffocating summer. I've heard people describe this area as "the armpit of the US" and although I don't hate the area enough to say that I agree, I completely understand.

Hot...humid...swampy...bugs everywhere... But it is BEAUTIFUL with everything green and blooming and lush and to look outside you'd think, oh, it's nice out there! It's temperate! 30 seconds after walking out the front door you will be greeted by Death, who will come walking down the street in the nude, because it's so hot. So you will turn and go back in the house and remain there for 3 months. Today I was actually able to sit outside and watch the boys play without melting, dehydrating, or dying and there was a definite hint of autumn in the air. I love it.

Another sign that the season of the armpit is over is that we've all just gotten over our first cold. The moment Dylann stepped into his classroom and was submersed in a world of new germs, he brought them home with us to share and we've all partaken in them. Hopefully there won't be too many more, but I would definitely rather deal with that than the overwhelming heat. And the smell. I won't talk about the smell, because I don't want you to hate Georgia, but oh lord the smell!! Don't make me talk about the smell.


Lou said...

Love the new look. Very nice.

And FALL is my FAVORITE season!

Jessi Louise said...

why thank you...and yes, fall is wonderful. i actually considered autumn as a baby name, if i would have had a girl.