Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello, my name is weeza, and my son is a computer addict

My 3 year old son Jack is absolutely hooked on computer games. It started off innocent enough, with sessions no more than 30 minutes and no argument when the time was up. Over the past two weeks he has become increasingly less willing to give up the computer when his time is up and lately it seems the desire to play computer games is CONSUMING him. He's 3!!! It gives me the urge to shut the computer down and lock it in a closet somewhere. I am regretting the day I introduced him to the world of computer games (but it's good for hand-eye coordination!). I've been kind of lax on the 30 minute rule lately, but I told him today that once his 30 minutes were up, he couldn't play again until tomorrow. He was crushed for a good half hour, and at 4 PM when he finally recovered he told me he was going directly to bed until tomorrow.


Lou said...

That's hilarious. I love how you did that graphic bit there, very nice. I miss Jack! So did all this happen before or after he threw up?

Jessi Louise said...

This all happened before! He actually threw up when I was in the middle of writing this post.