Sunday, October 22, 2006

The View From our Weekend

This weekend we went to a lake and spent the day for Dylann's 5th birthday. We encountered quite a bit of wildlife, including at least 5 alligators. That is pretty normal around here, but it still shocks me to see people fishing near the alligators and just going about their business. The alligators are kind of cool though, the way they look so prehistoric. I would love to see one out of the water (without the boys around!) just to really get a good look at it.

Then we noticed something that looked like a skinny arm flailing out of the water every few seconds. It was pretty far away, so we weren't sure what it was. Upon closer examination, we discovered it was a big snake thrashing himself across the water to get away from an alligator!

And we saw a few other animals that weren't quite as exciting. The herons are so beautiful. I love watching them swoop across the water with their giant wings stretched out.

This little bandit was not afraid of us at all and he probably enjoyed the piece of birthday cake we left behind after Dylann dropped it on the ground.

This turtle was soaking up the sun.

The cake was good, but I kept it simple this time. Just a sheetcake with Dylann's name on it.

Here he is with his present from us, an Avatar staff that turns into a mini hang glider. It doesn't really do anything except make swooshing noises, but it inspires him to run around and pretend he's flying.

We brought the bikes along and rode halfway around the lake and the boys did a lot of exploring to find bugs, feathers, bones, rocks, and sticks that made good light sabers (and they even managed to take time out to pick me flowers).

After we got home and I had tucked the boys into their beds, I asked Dylann if he had a good birthday. He said, "Yes! Thank you for writing my name on a cake."