Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back at the old homestead

Another road trip come and gone and like always it was difficult, fun, and thoroughly exhausting. Dylann came down with a cold the day before we left and he had a horrible cough the whole time we were there and Jack and I managed to come down with it the day we left for home, but we had a good time. The drive home was looooong and horrible and we pulled in at about 4 AM, just enough time to catch a few hours of sleep before the kids woke up and drug us out of bed.

I know I normally don't put ANY pictures on here, so I figured I'd pick out just a FEW to share.

Deserted beach houses.

One of Dylann's catches. He actually caught two all by himself! We cooked them up that night and had fresh crab for dinner. It was really good.

Jack was drawn to the trampoline like a magnet.

And just in case this wasn't enough road trip excitement, we get to do an even longer one next month when the boys and I move to Minnesota.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gone West

The time has rolled around for another family road trip. This time our destination is the Lone Star state and it will take us about 16 hours to get there. Some of the husband's family lives near Galveston and we'll be spending the week there. I don't think I'll have the chance to update until we get back, so this will be my last post until next week. I'm sure I will have pictures (you know it!) and stories to share. Hopefully the stories won't contain the words, "So the car swerved uncontrollably...!" or "Dylann encountered his first shark the other day..." or anything along those lines. See you when we get back!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

He had me at hello.

It was one of those moments.

Jack noticed a catalogue laying on the desk with the picture of a pleasant woman smiling uncomfortably on the cover and suddenly looked horrified.

Jack: I don't like her!

Me: Why? She's looks nice.

Jack: I don't like those kinds of girls.

Me: Why not?

Jack: I just don't!

Me: What kind do you like?

Jack: (sticks his finger in my ribs) This kind.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My old child

Dylann tried on his friend's football uniform the other day and when I looked at this picture, I couldn't help but notice that he looks like he's 20!!! Maybe more like 15....or 7...but definitely much older than he actually is! It's like a glimpse of what he will look like when he's older. The husband doesn't agree, so maybe it's just me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Little Jack Black Goes a Long Way

We watched Nacho Libre the other night and it wasn't so good. Don't get me wrong, seeing Jack Black run around in granny panties is funny, but it just wasn't enough to do it for me. It had its moments though, and this was one of them:

And now...

Here are more scenes from a nice weekend down here in Georgia. Since we're getting ready to move away, I have felt the need to take pictures even more obsessively than usual.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mom in a Box

The latest post on Suburban Bliss got me thinking about something I’ve thought about before, but she really seemed to hit the nail on the head with this statement:

“We kind of couldn't be friends because it seemed, from her incredulous comments, that she didn't understand how people could incorporate versions of their former selves into their current life as mothers and wives.”

There seem to be some mothers who become almost completely different people once they have children. I've heard them referred to as the mombots. My friend called them “the women who are defined by the fact that they have children.”

When you become a mom it's like someone comes screaming into your neighborhood saying, "THERE'S A TORNADO COMING!" And you have 30 seconds to decide what you keep and what you leave behind to replace with something else. Not that pregnancy equals impending doom, but it does mean HUGE LIFE CHANGE AHEAD and everything happens relatively quickly. I am not trying to sound like I have it all figured out, because I’m still fairly new at all this, so what the heck do I know? It just got me thinking and I thought I’d share.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had a clear picture in my mind of what being a good mother meant, taken from old Betty Crocker cookbooks and Donna Reed reruns. Immediately, I went from being a complete slob to having a place that looked like some kind of uptight freak lived there. Without even giving it any thought, I started trying to stuff myself into a little box.

It was like I knew what I had to do to be a good mother and it was almost a complete reversal from what I had been doing for the rest of my life. After about 18 months, I started feeling like something was off. In my previous life as a non-control freak, I liked art and reading and I wrote a lot. However, those frivolous things had to go when I entered into the joys of motherhood, which involved a lot of cleaning products and nagging and wringing of hands. Of course there were amazingly good things too, but you know that's not really what this post is about. There are plenty of other posts on here about those things.

I remember sitting outside of Pier One with my friend after we had been doing artsy things all day and I was a wreck because I felt so torn between being true to myself and being the spawn of Betty Crocker. To shorten a drawn out tale of self-awareness that would probably send you permanently away from my blog, I will summarize by saying that I am trying to stop stuffing myself into a box, because life on the outside is good.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


We are getting ready for our move (next month) and we also have an upcoming trip to TX in 10 days to visit family. I say BLAH for both items. It would normally be something I'd be looking forward to, but I know that each thing we do...each thing we mark off the calendar...brings us closer to the day the husband leaves. It's no good, I say! I have been an emotional mess, the likes of which had not been seen since I was hormonal and pregnant. It just pops up unexpectedly. The other morning I drove by a sign that said, "God Bless the 3rd Infantry Division" and I almost burst into tears (and these signs are everywhere because every business and church in the area wants to draw in the military people, so it's not like I don't look at these little messages all the time). Then I drove behind a funeral at a cemetary right by the road and there I went again! Then I saw this video on Green Parenting and...well, you get the idea. We have until Christmas.
On another note, Jack has been wearing clunky winter boots everywhere, even though it reached 78 today. He attracts a lot of attention walking around, but doesn't even seem to realize he's wearing them unless you try to remove them. It reminds me of the two month period when he was about 22 months and he wore a cape everywhere he went. It wasn't even really a cape, it was a ladies scarf with green apples all over it. That scarf was so much a part of him that it didn't strike me as odd for him to have it on in a public place, but we got more than a few stares!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Dear Georgia,

I realize maybe you don't want a letter from me right now, because I haven't always been the best resident of your pecan-showered state. I want to apologize for those times I called you sweaty and ignorant, because for the moment I love you and I can show you exactly what you did that changed my mind:

Please don't do anything to change my opinion of you.


Jessi Louise