Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back at the old homestead

Another road trip come and gone and like always it was difficult, fun, and thoroughly exhausting. Dylann came down with a cold the day before we left and he had a horrible cough the whole time we were there and Jack and I managed to come down with it the day we left for home, but we had a good time. The drive home was looooong and horrible and we pulled in at about 4 AM, just enough time to catch a few hours of sleep before the kids woke up and drug us out of bed.

I know I normally don't put ANY pictures on here, so I figured I'd pick out just a FEW to share.

Deserted beach houses.

One of Dylann's catches. He actually caught two all by himself! We cooked them up that night and had fresh crab for dinner. It was really good.

Jack was drawn to the trampoline like a magnet.

And just in case this wasn't enough road trip excitement, we get to do an even longer one next month when the boys and I move to Minnesota.

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Lou said...

As usual, looks like so much fun. Loved the pics...