Thursday, November 9, 2006


We are getting ready for our move (next month) and we also have an upcoming trip to TX in 10 days to visit family. I say BLAH for both items. It would normally be something I'd be looking forward to, but I know that each thing we do...each thing we mark off the calendar...brings us closer to the day the husband leaves. It's no good, I say! I have been an emotional mess, the likes of which had not been seen since I was hormonal and pregnant. It just pops up unexpectedly. The other morning I drove by a sign that said, "God Bless the 3rd Infantry Division" and I almost burst into tears (and these signs are everywhere because every business and church in the area wants to draw in the military people, so it's not like I don't look at these little messages all the time). Then I drove behind a funeral at a cemetary right by the road and there I went again! Then I saw this video on Green Parenting and...well, you get the idea. We have until Christmas.
On another note, Jack has been wearing clunky winter boots everywhere, even though it reached 78 today. He attracts a lot of attention walking around, but doesn't even seem to realize he's wearing them unless you try to remove them. It reminds me of the two month period when he was about 22 months and he wore a cape everywhere he went. It wasn't even really a cape, it was a ladies scarf with green apples all over it. That scarf was so much a part of him that it didn't strike me as odd for him to have it on in a public place, but we got more than a few stares!


Lou said...

awww---i miss jackimotosan and his cape of dreams

as far as the other stuff--you guys will get there-live in the moment as much as you can and keep far from the dread of tomorrow

Jessi Louise said...

Thank you...oh wise one. And Jackimotosan misses you too. He wants to give you a big sloppy one.