Friday, December 22, 2006

Curiosity killed the mystery

I have always been a horrible person to give presents to. As soon as I know there is a present for me somewhere in the world, I will not stop guessing and wheedling my way into finding out what it is before I open it. I have gotten very good at picking up on hints and deciphering what a present is based on its squeezability or shakability. This year, I am trying my best not to do that, because it ruins the whole thing.
It appears I have passed this on to my oldest son. When I finished wrapping one of his presents, he picked it up and shook it ONE time and said with certainty, "It's Legos." I was so caught off guard I had to laugh because he was right, but I stumbled along saying, " would you know?? I didn't buy any legos." With a giant smile on my face that wouldn't go away. He looked very suspisciously at me and said, "It sounds just like Legos."
I remember seeing that same look on my friend's face when I correctly guessed what my birthday gift would be based on nothing more than a comment made two months previous. I had said that the smiley face mug on Friends was cute (this was like 11 years ago) and for some reason I guessed that was what my present was...and I was right!
When I was about 12 I actually went through the receipts in the garbage to find out if I got a Gameboy for Christmas and when I found the receipt for a Gameboy game, I knew all my wildest dreams were about to come true. However, the difficult part was coming up with the surprised, incredulous reaction my family was hoping for when the time came for me to open the "secret Gameboy". It was horrible trying to fake it when I had known for about 2 weeks what was inside that package.
Alas, the vicious cycle of curiosity continues.

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