Monday, January 8, 2007

Kids are gross (but funny!)

We are here in Minnesota where it is about 10 degrees tonight and the ground is covered in snow, which is quite a change from southern Georgia. The drive was long and horrible and traumatizing for all involved, but we made it here in one, cat, plants, kids...we're all alive. I haven't gotten around to updating the look of this blog yet, but I wanted to share something Jack said the other day. We were sitting around the table and Jack walked over looking like he ate something.

Me: What were you eating?

Jack: Chicken.

(Everyone at the table looks confused, because we didn't have any chicken around...)

Me: Where did you get chicken??

Jack: From the garden in my nose.
(photo by Dylann)


Lulabelle said...

kids ARE gross but extremely funny and extremely embarrassing :P the garden in my nose...classic

Jessi Louise said...

it's terrible too when you're with other people and they come out with something like that. i always want to burst out laughing, but at the same time you want to scold them for being so GrOOooOOssS.