Sunday, April 22, 2007

Do Not Attack Issej

This weekend has been exciting, just knowing we're about to move into a new place. It seems strange that we're doing all this without Donn. People must assume that I'm divorced or never married, a young thing struggling to get by with her two illegitmate children. Donn gave me instructions to tell everyone that he would be living there too, but I think people might notice that no man actually materialized on the premises. Really, I have a husband! He lives here with me!! We're a happy family!!!!!! I know he's just worried about our safety (in our dangerous town of 308 farmers and 1 convenience store owner) and I can be irresponsible about those things.

My Grandma gave me the tip that I should put our phone under Donn's name in the phone book, so no one assumes I am a woman living alone, ready to be attacked. Or I could always do what one person I know did and spell my name backwards in the phone book. His name was Don and on the caller ID we were always wondering who the heck Nod was.

I have oodles of help for this move and it's nice! I feel spoiled to have so many people around who are obligated to help me because we're all dangling from the branches of the same family tree. I love it! I can call someone up and say, "Hello cousin (or uncle, second-cousin, biological father, great aunt, not-so-great aunt), have you noticed that our DNA has many similarities? I'm calling to cash in on that."


TaterTot said...

I recently made several phones calls that went like this..."Rember that time we helped you do (this and that)? Well it's time for payback. We'll expect you at 8 a.m."

Jessi Louise said...

It's great to be in on that!