Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call at your own risk

I have a problem with phone calls. I like them, but now they are a problem. I've enjoyed phone calls since 5th grade when I would talk to my friends (who lived about 10 minutes away) for hours at a time about important topics like Trapper Keepers and unicorns and the delightful activities of our cats. Now I have friends who live all over and we don't talk very often, so phone calls are a chance to catch up. But they are a problem.

Caller: Yeah, so blah, blah and I was like what's the deal with this guy and I don't even know what to say to him because he's like making all these faces...

Me: (screaming, crying, incoherent cries of outrage) Yeah...

Caller: So blah, blah and the puppy fell on the floor and blah blah we ate a pie blah blah david hasselhoff.

Me: (thumping sounds resembling a crowbar-wielding madman destroying the house amidst shrieks of laughter as a cat meows inconsolably in the background)

Caller: What on earth is going on over there?!


Caller: Is everything alright??!!!

Me: (AHHH! MOM, HE'S KILLING ME!!!!!!) Oh, the kids are playing.


cameo said...

my best friend and i are on the phone for a great amount of time each day. and our conversations are still random crap peppered with a couple of important political ramblings and tales of the children.

Becky said...

Oh do I understand you perfectly. My two sons adore nothing more than screaming in each others face. It's really funny, but it's LOUD. And inevitably, anyone who calls the house, calls it during this joyous time.