Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Home is wherever we are

I know I’ve been writing a lot about moving, but it’s on my mind these days because I’m in the process of packing boxes and giving them intriguing labels like “BOOKS/CHRISTMAS TREE STAR/LEGO GUY HEADS”. We have about 3 ½ years of this left before Donn is done with the military. Sometimes we like to talk about how our lives will be different then. We imagine settling down somewhere, buying a house, getting a dog, being able to remember our current address without stopping to think of where we live at the moment, but it was the specific where that we were always hung up on.

Some people seem to instinctively know that a certain place feels like home and there is nowhere else they would rather be. Most of the time it seems to be where they grew up, but sometimes it’s a place they only visited and realized that was the place they wanted to hang their hat. We figured maybe we just hadn’t had that moment yet.
We wanted to choose carefully, because it would be the backdrop of our life as a family. The kids would hold memories of it forever, hopefully as a place where discoveries unfolded and where each house and each street remained preserved in a story of their own, as seen through their eyes. I wanted it to be a beautiful place with weather that wasn't too hot or cold in a city that was neither too big or too small. A place they would come back to and admire, thinking this is where I grew up.
Now that the second deployment is almost over, I think we are letting go of the where. It's clear now that we could make a home anywhere and the boys will find it magical as long as we are all under the same roof. And we're not very picky about what piece of land that happens to be on.


Becky said...

You have a great attitude about this. I can only hope it can rub off on me through the Internet :)

cameo said...

there is something to be said about the stability of a specific place to call home. but you're definately right about the stability of the family you call yours - that's far more important. no matter what form that family shape takes.
however, that being said. i live in kansas city. i like this place. i grew up here, and it's a decent place to raise my kids. i couldn't afford to live most of the places i relly like. however, my heart is in san antonio. but i can always visit. and i find more and more that there are tons of things here in this place i've yet to discover.