Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodbye Duluth, Stay Cool

Every time I've come back to Duluth since I left after graduation, I've always had to drive through the areas where I grew up. Something about them holds a certain magic.

I remember being in these places as a kid day after day. The spots that still look almost the same are like little monuments to childhood for me.

As places become more run down and new gas stations and bars pop up, the area becomes more and more unrecognizable. A while back I decided to take some pictures before things changed too much.

They're not the most beautiful or squeaky clean parts of Duluth, but they will always be the places I want to see when I come to town.


Becky said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! I've never been.

cara said...

Looks fabulous to me. Would love to see that part of the world.