Friday, February 15, 2008

Leaving and returning

Everything is coming together with the move, slowly, like an old jigsaw puzzle you find at a garage sale and never know if any pieces are missing until you get the whole thing together. Our house has achieved the look of a crack house once again, except it is a very clean crack house. Someone started scrubbing like a maniac and couldn't stop. Then they dumped the contents of the closets on the floor and threw legos all over. That's what it looks like. In a nutshell.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away I have a husband who will actually be leaving the little plywood shack that has been his home and will be delivered back to us, postage prepaid in about 5 weeks. He will have been gone for 15 months. When he gets back, I will never let him leave the house again.

1 comment:

cameo said...

i'm with ya sista.
hang in there.