Saturday, February 2, 2008

Random pieces of information

Did you know that people who were born in 1990 will be able to buy cigarettes this year? 1990. Wow.

I found one of Jack's favorite movies on DVD and bought it, without noticing it's in Japanese. He watches it anyway and now he walks around babbling things like, "Eedonay! Dootee nana bittee!"

Dylann has let me know that most of the things I suggest he do with his time, like not hopping up and down while he eats dinner and not throwing things at the walls are very bad ideas. I am boring. And stupid. Where is my sense of fun? Where is my excitement if not in throwing toys all over the house and beating people up? I really don't know.

Apparently one of the greatest things about having a little brother is seeing what you can get him to eat. How about broccoli with ketchup? Not too bad. Now to push the envelope...a peanut butter covered olive that's floating in your juice! You can see Dylann's eyes light up, let's see just how far he's willing to go. And Jack's eyes say, wow, I am hardcore.

It's also fun to have lively discussions with your brother about poop and barfing. You know you've done it right when your mother spends an entire day with her face frozen in horror.

It's very interesting to think that one month from now we will be living in a house that we will find and rent in southern Georgia. In the next few weeks oodles of things need to happen in order for that to come true. How interesting to imagine I will accomplish them all. Go me. No, seriously...GO!!


cameo said...

farting and barfing - pretty soon you're going to join them. i swear you will. you can resist it as long as you want, but one day, you will falter and join the ranks of rating poots and burps. and it'll be fun. we're so vulgar over here. i just gave up. my two year old daughter now announces "i just farted!" much to her grandma's horror. there are worse things.

Becky said...

Kids kill me. I can't wait to see what Ben does to Alex as he gets a bit older.

Wait, maybe I DON'T want to see that :)

Meems said...

It gets even more fun as they get older.

My oldest is obsessed with all things Japanese. He even listens to a Japanese pop band.