Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heavens to Betsy!

So I've been trying to think of things to write a post about. I thought maybe I would write about how Dylann uses phrases he picked up from Grandma in Minnesota and it makes him sound like an elderly person, waving a cane around. "Heavens!" "Geez oh man." "Goodness gracious!" "Holy smokes!" "Gee whiz!" I think gee whiz is my favorite. He sounds like he should be in a 1950's Ovaltine commercial.

I also thought I would write about how Dylann is growing up and blah, blah, time flies, but I've written about that 50 times already. So yeah, Dylann is growing up. Time flies. He takes the bus to school and two of his teeth fell out! My big toothless boy is on his way to becoming the proud owner of adult-sized teeth. Isn't it weird that kids get full-sized teeth at such young ages? Little kids running around with giant adult teeth and they can barely tie their shoes. I guess it's better than if they had adult-sized feet.

And the weather here is FANTASTIC. I love spring in the south and its loveliness is magnified 50 times after our long winter in Minnesota. Every day I look out my window and sing like Snow White. How enchanting.

Donn is coming home in about 10 days! Hopefully he doesn't look in the garage!

Ok, so that's all I got.


Becky said...

Don't they look kind of stupid when they're getting teeth in? Ben's got a couple coming in, and they look comically huge.

becky said...

aw - I say "holy smokes" all the time. I like the way it sounds... but I'm positive I'd like it a lot more if it came from the mouth of your little one! I think I'd like to hear "geez oh man," too.

cameo said...

my best friend hates it when i say anyhoodle. don't ask, i have no idea where i got it.
i would tell you the sweet things that come out of my dear roxy's mouth, but then you might turn me in to cps and that would suck. i will tell you that no matter how horrifying the words, she is using them in the correct context, and i think that rocks for a two year old.
i'm a bad mommy.
oh well.