Friday, September 26, 2008

Scattered Thoughts on International Moving and Dweebazoids

Every time I drive onto the army base, the person manning the guard shack checks my ID and says "Rock of the Marne! Have a good day!" I have no idea what that means. It's one of those local army phrases people use to make you feel all gung ho, but every time someone says it I have this urge to respond with something to do with rocks that doesn't make any sense like "Stone temple pilots!" or "Pebbles and Bam Bam!" These are things I like to think long and hard about.

We are moving in 2 weeks. People will come and pack up our stuff and it will leave in 3 separate shipments. Then our vehicles will get on a boat and ride across the ocean. Our cat has been vaccinated, blood tested, poked, prodded and violated so he can join us. And all sarcasm aside, I can't wait to get there! That sounded sarcastic, didn't it? It wasn't!

Jack has been going to school willingly (mostly) and even taking the bus every day. We've finally broken his spirit. Go to school, boy! Fill yer head with larnin'! Poor kid, stuck with us for parents. He actually enjoys it though, once he gets there. He comes home singing songs about Old Man Tucker complete with hand movements, and rumor has it he is one of the most skilled at coloring. He actually read two sentences on his own last night for the first time, so let me tell you it's not all shenanigans and lolligagging at this here learning institution.

Dylann's 7th birthday party will be this weekend. Whenever his birthday rolls around, he wants to invite 50 people over to party like it's 1999. One year we didn't really have a party and instead went to a park and had a picnic with cake. I have forever heard about that fateful birthday when he was forced to spend it with "just family". I didn't realize he was at the age yet where he thinks his parents are lame-o dweebazoids. Maybe I should stop calling him my little white haired monkey in front of his friends now. The time has come!

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Aunt Becky said...

Holy wow do you guys have a lot going on. And I like scattered posts best.