Friday, December 12, 2008

We come from the land where the rice and bamboo grows

Why this year's Christmas program was better than last year's:

Script was slightly better, although what happened to at least having a winter theme for the Christmas program? At their last school the theme was the wild west and the plot was about a cowboy who was bullying everyone and then in the end they all got him to open up and share his emotions. Nice lesson. Happy Holidays. This year the theme was All Around the World and the kids all dressed up like different cultures. Lots of costumes = good times.

It's fun watching kids act with a British accent. It's like watching Harry Potter.

They served mulled wine at the show. It's served hot and has a spicy flavor like cider.

It was a pretty small group of people watching, because there are only 60 kids in the whole school and there were two showings.

Why this year's Christmas program was worse than last year's:

The man directly in front of me let his 3 year old daughter stand up in the seat or sit on his shoulder through most of the show, totally blocking my view. She's cute and everything, but make your dang kid sit down.

So overall: Better!


b1g1f said...

Hi-thanks for your comment in my poor neglected blog! We still have our ups and downs with school-mainly riding the bus. He hates change and he has had about 10 different drivers already! It is slow going only to be messed up by Christmas break....UGH! I am trying to read through your blog now, and hey, I would love to be a plumber with you!

Nit said...

Too cute!!!!!

A Christmas play about a cowboy? Interesting. :)