Monday, June 29, 2009

Notice to Little Boys (And rowdy little girls)

Please note the following:

1. Throwing rocks is pretty much never a good idea.
2. Climbing on things can end in disaster.
3. Hitting your brother or sister means they will probably hit you back. Don't start the cycle of violence.
4. If you're caught fighting with someone no one will care who started it, you will both be in trouble.
5. Never get too close to another kid holding a baseball bat.
6. Don't hold hands on the trampoline or you will eventually smack into the other person.
7. As soon as you yell, "Look how fast I'm going!" something very bad is about to happen.
8. Real baseballs are like flying torpedoes of death - stick with tennis balls.
9. If you mess with the bees, they will get revenge.
10. Superglue - don't try it.

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