Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was a beautiful, sunny day...

The wooden bench outside looked so inviting, the giant pregnant woman couldn't resist. She waddled over and sat down. Then she realized she could probably lay down on the bench and put her feet up and it would be awesome. So she did. She was laying on her back with her feet up and from that angle the sun was so blindingly bright she couldn't open her eyes. About 10 seconds later, she felt something going on with her back. It gave out. She tried rolling herself one way or the other, but it was not happening. She was stuck on her back like a giant dying bug. After contemplating just giving up and taking a nap, she started calling for her oldest son to bring his strapping self over and yank her up into a seated position. But alas he was on the swing and didn't want to give it up or his annoying little brother would take his spot. And that would be unacceptable. So his mother continued to call him and wiggle her arms and legs uselessly like a helpless overturned turtle, while he continued to guard the swing. Finally he came over and as soon as the woman saw him she burst out laughing like a lunatic. She laughed so hard that tears came streaming down her face and the sun was slowly blinding her, so she couldn't see. While her children looked on, not sure if they should laugh or call the funny farm, she managed to sputter out that she was stuck and could someone please pull her up. It took about 5 seconds for them to haul her up and she was sitting on the bench like a normal person again, but the woman couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she would have been home alone that day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

How will it be with one more thrown in the mix??

I am now over 8 months pregnant...due next month! Still trying to convince myself that we're actually going to have three children, because it's a little scary!

With the two children we have now (you know the ones - I may have mentioned them on here a time or two before), I've begun to notice some differences in Donn's parenting style and my parenting style. I've always known that I'm more laid back than he is. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it's just the way things are. Having Donn home now from his deployment for over a year, a few specific things are starting to become clear.

When I'm home with the boys I tend to let them clutter up the house with toys until I can't stand it and then I help them clean up. Donn pretty much makes them clean up as they go along. If I go in the bathroom and the toilet is not flushed, I just flush it for them and I might say something or I might not. Donn will call them in right away to take care of it themselves. I think his method is probably better, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm just too lazy to be so on top of things. The house falls apart during the day, I've come to accept that. Sort of.

As an example, tonight I found Dylann's dirty socks stuffed behind the door in the bathroom. Here is my dilemma: Do I take the socks over to the laundry room myself or call Dylann in to clean them up, which will no doubt result in him trying to throw them at Jack (don't ask me how I know this will happen, but it will) and then there will be a bunch of running and laughing and dirty sock throwing until I can finally reign them in by repeating myself over and over and over again, getting louder and louder?

Kids never do things calmly. Or at least mine never do and together they egg each other on until they've both reached a level of frenzy. If you ask them to throw something away they have to run all the way to the garbage can, slide on the kitchen floor, make a slam dunk and possibly spill stuff on the floor, and run all the way back. Sometimes I'd rather just do it myself in the interest of sanity. I realize this doesn't teach them any good lessons, but it keeps me from developing an eye twitch.