Friday, April 16, 2010

A bird could build a nest in it and I might not notice

Linsay from Midsummer Moon tagged me to participate in this and also gave me the sunshine award.

If there is one thing that I cannot resist looking at in a department store, it's the handbags. I am continually on the lookout for the perfect purse. It has to meet a lot of requirements in order for me to buy it. I have to be able to carry about 50 lbs. of junk in it, it has to go well with most clothing, it has to be made of soft, buttery leather, and it must rest on my shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into my ear. For the past two years I have mostly been using a coach purse that I bought out of the trunk of a car (sweet!) and it looks kind of like this:

It turns out what is IN my purse is a lot less attractive. Old receipts, candy wrappers, tissues...okay, I'm boring myself here. The must-have stuff in my purse is usually my crappy little camera, my cell phone (which may or may not be charged), my iPod (which also might be dead or dying), chapstick, a small umbrella, a few diapers and wipes, a playmobil guy with one arm, my dayplanner, a deck of cards, broken crayons, and a lollipop. And my purse has very few pockets so it is a giant mess and it takes me two days to find anything. I can also fit my laptop in it if I have to. Handy dandy!

Now, inquiring minds want to know...what's in your purse? Tell me everything. Extra points if you have a flask in your purse. Also if you participate, you get to steal the sunshine award from my sidebar and put it on your blog. Then pass along the sunshine!

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Vic said...

Ohhhhh How dahhhling:) Thanx sweets! I have tons of junk in muh purse just like you:) And I also gotta have it big and bulky! Otherwise it's a hot mess! Have a gorgeous day sunshine! I'm sure I'll squeeze a post in sometime today:)

The Only Girl said...

Sheesh - that's a lot of stuff you have in your purse!

You're going to be sorely disappointed in mine. I purposely carry a small one so I'm not tempted to fill it with crap. Just the essentials are in there. Boring.

Thanks for the shout-out!

susie kline said...

I just went through my purse during lunch with a friend last week and found about 10 lipsticks--all pretty much the same color! It was sad.

I have a Miche and love it. I am a little disappointed that now they've come out with a big one though. I really really need it...

Good luck!

Maureen Lee said...

Love your purse! My purse looks great on the outside, as well, but the inside is a nightmare. I always panic if I'm forced to dig into it in public, as it contains tissues, old receipts, scraps of paper with old grocery lists on them, and one memorable embarrassing moment when a tampon went flying out with a Kleenex... I'm so glad there are other 'like-minded' people out there! :)

1 Funky Woman said...

I am stopping over through my friend Vic and boy I am a purse freak and I want the one you have! I carry everything and anything under the sun in my bag! And I am into the bigger the better. I think because I need to balance my girlfriends up top and maybe take the focus away from them, lol!

Ok, I do have a flask and have carried it in my purse before! Are you ready? Here goes.... I have about 15 lipgloss/lipsticks, chapstick, tweezers, cuticle oil, advil, business card holder, compact mirror, 2 packs of gum, tic tacks, cell phone, Kindle, wallet, checkbook, 3 pens, pad of paper for my daughter to draw on , crayons, bandaids, old receipts, bag of coins (my daughters) tube of lotion, bottle of hand sanitizer, perfume samples, random junior mints from movie and tums! I think that about sums it up! And it all fits nicely in my perseket and I love it!

Can't wait to hear your reaction, lol!

Jessi Louise said...

Glad I'm not the only one with a load of stuff to carry. I'm surprised one of my arms isn't bigger than the other from lugging my purse around. I tried to whittle it down for a while to a small purse, but then I missed all my junk!