Saturday, April 10, 2010


When I looked at the sky
I saw a pale lit moon

That caught fire
Set the birds to their ribbon swoops
And turned the grass honey green
And greener still when you smiled

Spring has had a slow start here in England. It hasn't been unbearably cold, but not exactly warm either. Not really warm. At all. But this last week was gorgeous. Instead of making me happy right where I am, it has made me want to go somewhere really warm. Tropical. Somewhere the heat comes down from the sky and soaks right through you. Near a beach of course, to cool off. But the water can't be too cold either. Conditions have to be just right.

But for now - yipee, the sun is back!


Chavah said...

She looks so gorgeous in the sunnies. I love kids wearing sunglasses for some reason hehe.

Linsay said...

Love the photos.
I hope that the English weather warms up so more for you very soon.

I’ve tagged you over at mine –
Hope you take part if you haven’t all ready.

Emily said...

Love the photos x